We already think that you are great, but when it comes to growth, only sky is the limit.

Take your agency to the next level by recommending your clients the best solution for Facebook & Instagram retargeting (And yes, we'll throw in rev share).

What is RetargetApp?

RetargetApp helps your clients re-engage their website visitors who didn’t make a purchase upon their first visit.

Our mission is to make retargeting simple, efficient and sexy. Kidding, just simple and efficient (and maybe a little bit sexy ;) ).

Why participate in affiliate program?

  • Stable payout: quarterly share of our revenue from each new lead you provide 
  • Dedicated support: our campaign managers are happy to assist with any campaign-related issues and provide improvement suggestions
  • One step ahead: early announcements about new features & upcoming releases
  • Co-marketing opportunities: webinars, guest blog posts, featuring in email newsletter, case studies, etc.

What's in it for your clients?

  • Your clients will get Facebook & Instagram retargeting campaign automatically setup according to advertising best practices
  • We will make sure that this campaign is cost-effective and relevant with the help of our in-app optimization algorithm 
  • Moreover, your client's data will be fully protected and transparent, because we create and the run the campaign in your client's Ad Account

What will be your reward as an Affiliate?

💰 15% of a revenue from each client you bring – LIFETIME 🎉

Here's how this can work:

  • In January, the client you brought spent $4000 on RetargetApp-powered ads, and, therefore, paid us 5% fee, which amounted to $200. 15% of this money ($30) is reserved for you. 
  • In February, this same client increased daily budget and spent $5500. Our fee was $275, $41.25 was reserved for you. 
  • In March, this client had a clearance sale and spent $7000. RetargetApp fee for the month is $350, $52.50 is set aside for you

In the end of Q1, we add up all the money reserved for you and make a total payout of $123.75 for this client only. If you bring us 10 clients, this translated into $4950 per year - just for recommending an automated advertising service to 10 store owners.

The more clients you have, the more rewards you get. 

P.S. Your reward is lifetime, so your business will grow along with your clients’ ad spend.

You can also learn more about the cost of RetargetApp or learn how to submit a lead and receive your reward.

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