When do I need to adjust the budget?

The guideline for budget adjustment is fairly simple: if you consistently spend your whole daily budget, you need to increase it.  For example, if you set the daily budget of $5/day and you consistently spend $5 every day for a week, it will be a good idea to set the daily budget to $10/day. 

How big should my new budget be?

Try taking the budget increase slowly and not change it more often than once every 5-7 days. As the size of the increase, it’s always up to you, however, we do recommend you to follow these recommendations:

Do I always get better results if I set a higher budget?

Only if the increase decision was made based on the audience size and spending tendencies. The whole point of increasing the daily budget is reaching out to a bigger portion of your audience. However, if you spend 50% or less of your daily budget on a regular basis, increasing it will not improve the campaign stats.

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