As you may know, RetargetApp creates a brand new Ad Account inside your Business Manager to run the retargeting campaign. Normally, this takes less than 30 seconds. However, sometimes you may reach Ad Account creation limit - in other words, Facebook may say that you already have enough Ad Accounts and that you cannot create another one inside your Business Managers.

This is absolutely not a problem - you use one of the two options below:

Option A: You can create a new Business Manager and connect it to the app.

Note: do not create an Ad Account inside the newly created Business Manager manually - the app will do it for you.

Option B: We can help you increase the Ad Account creation limit - all you need to do is send us a message with the following information:

  • Company Name (please, make sure that your Business Manager is identical to your company name)
  • The country in which the company is registered
  • Headquarter Street
  • Headquarter city
  • Headquarter state
  • Headquarter zip code
  • Parent Company

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