Once you are done with installing the app, you will see a campaign settings screen.

All you need to do is 3 easy things:

  • Set your daily budget
  • Create an ad message
  • Make sure you’ve connected the right Facebook page

Step 1. Set your daily budget

Choose a daily budget from the drop-down menu

The daily budget is the maximum amount of money you are ready to spend on your retargeting ads within a 24-hour period. It is heavily determined by the number of visitors your website gets daily. If you would like to get more visitors, you may find this article useful.

 It is important that you select it based on the following recommendations to make sure that your campaign is cost-effective:

Choose the daily budget based on the number of daily website visitors

You can change the daily budget at any time once your campaign is active, but before you do so, please, be sure that you know how the billing works.

Step 2. Create an ad message

Come up with a good ad message

Ad message is a great way to personalize your ad and make it appealing to the potential customer, so we recommend putting some thought into it. Of course, there’s always a default message you can start with, but we suggest checking out our Ad message recommendations in order to come up with a better one. While there’s no limit to creativity, please:

 - keep it short. All the messages over 500 characters will not be fully displayed.

- respect the copyrights. Do not use words like “FACEBOOK” or “FB” in your ad message, even as a part of a promo code.

- be nice. Don’t offend your users or be too aggressive/overly personal with them.

Note: If you decide to use dynamic tags (e.g. {{product.name}} or {{product.price}}) in your message, they will only be turned into product name and price in the actual ad. The preview in the app will display them as tags.

Step 3. Make sure you’ve connected the right Facebook page

Make sure that you selected a correct Facebook page

You will be able to change it later on, but, before this, the campaign needs to be approved, therefore it is important that Facebook page is relevant to your store content.  If you have more than one Facebook page, please, read this article.

Now, review all the settings and click “Pay & Run the campaign”

On the right you will see a preview of your ad. It will display some random products from your store to give you a general idea on how the ad will look like. By default, each ad will contain a product that your user previously viewed, followed by up to 4 other products from your store selected by Facebook on a basis of price and/or name similarity.

Note: the second image in Facebook Desktop Newsfeed preview is not cut in half — the ad itself will be scrollable.

If you don’t want to show certain products or collections in the ads, please, click the blue circle in the bottom right corner of the screen to contact us — we are always happy to help.

Review the settings, add a card and run a campaign

Once you’ve made sure that everything in the ad is set just the way you want, click on the blue “Pay & Run the campaign” button at the bottom of the app screen. A popup will appear offering you to enter the payment card details. RetargetApp takes payment security seriously.

As soon as you enter the details of the card that has a sufficient amount of money on it ( (Daily budget x 7 days) + 10% RetargetApp fee), you can click “Run campaign” button. This will submit the campaign for approval by Facebook.

It may take up to 24 hours for Facebook to review your campaign. In some cases, it may even take longer than that.

Once you launch the campaign, the money-making machine is ON :)


That’s all the settings you need for now 😊

If, at any point, you get questions about campaign setup, feel free to contact support — to do so, just click on a round icon in the bottom right corner of the app screen. We are there for you.

What's next?

Once your campaign is active, you can check your dashboard every once in a while to get your campaign results. In order to be successful, you'll need to be sure to know when to adjust your daily budget and change the ad message

Got a problem? We got a solution! 

If you encounter any problems during the setup and configuration process, check out the following articles:

If you didn't find what you were looking for, please, click on a round icon in the bottom right corner of the page to message us. We'll try our best to solve any problems you may have.

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