1. Confidentiality

1.1 RetargetApp guarantees that information obtained from the assets will never be disclosed to any 3rd party. 

1.2 RetargetApp reserves the right to use the stats obtained from campaigns created by RetargetApp. This refers to but isn’t limited to collecting, analyzing, storing, aggregating and publishing campaign data in a form of research and case studies

2. Use of personal data

2.1 RetargetApp will use the personal data it collects from users for the following reasons:

  1. Facebook profile and its info, such as profile picture, name and e-mail address - to obtain the list of Facebook pages the user is managing, as well as to send updates on the campaign, newsletters and private messages in the case of а necessity.
  2. Business Facebook page - to use it in the ads run on user’s behalf

2.2 The access to all the assets listed in section 2.1 is to be provided by the user during the installation of the app. RetargetApp reserves the right to create missing assets for the user or to instruct the user on how the missing asset can be created. 

2.3 RetargetApp will never use your personal data for any purposes other than the ones listed in section 2.1 and will never pass the data to any 3rd party.

2.4 RetargetApp will not take any responsibility for the problems with the service if access to at least one of the above-listed assets was revoked by the user who is currently running at least one campaign with RetargetApp without prior written notice to RetargetApp. 

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