Standard Terms of Service for RetargetApp, platform developed by Ad Intelligence Inc.

Last Updated: December, 26, 2017

1. Introduction

1.1 The following terms of service (“Terms of Service”) for RetargetApp, platform developed by Ad Intelligence Inc. (“RetargetApp”, “we”), describe the terms on which a user may access and use services of RetargetApp. In order to use RetargetApp, it is mandatory to read and accept the Terms of Service. If you do not agree to be bound by the Terms of Service, you may not use or access RetargetApp.

1.2 RetargetApp reserves the right to modify the Terms of Service at any time without prior notice. Updated Terms of Service come into power once they are posted on this webpage. Your continued use of RetargetApp services automatically suggests your acceptance of the updated Terms of Service. 

2. Access to assets

2.1 To work properly, RetargetApp needs to obtain access to a number of assets. Access to each of the following assets is vital for the service RetargetApp provides.

  1. access to user’s personal Facebook profile
  2. access to user’s business Facebook page (role of page advertiser)
  3. access to user's Business Manager (role of advertiser)

2.2 The access to all the assets listed in 2.1 is to be provided by the user during the installation of the app. RetargetApp reserves the right to create missing assets for the user or to instruct the user on how the missing asset can be created. 

2.3 RetargetApp will only make changes to the assets if they are necessary for the proper functioning of the service RetargetApp provides.

2.4 RetargetApp will never delete any of the pre-existing assets.

2.5 RetargetApp will never claim ownership of above-mentioned assets, nor will it ever give any 3rd party access to the assets. 

2.6 RetargetApp will not take any responsibility for the problems with the service if access to at least one of the above-listed assets was revoked by the user who is currently running at least one campaign with RetargetApp without prior written notice to RetargetApp. 

2.7 RetargetApp does not guarantee the proper functioning of the service if the user deletes any of the entities created by RetargetApp within the user’s assets.

3. Payments and refund

3.1 The cost of using RetargetApp is defined by the amount of money spent on Dynamic Product Ads run within the service.

3.2 The payment for the ads themselves is made directly to Facebook in the currency of your choice, and, under regular circumstances, is non-refundable. The ads are paid for with the payment method connected to the user’s ad account.

3.3 The payment for using RetargetApp (RetargetApp fee) is a percentage of the ad spend from the first to the last day of a 30-day billing period. It is paid for with the payment card connected to your Shopify account in the end of the 30-day billing period, and, under regular circumstances, is non-refundable. The up-to-date information on the size of RetargetApp fee can be found here.

3.4 The payment period begins when the user completes a 14-day free trial. During the trial the user still pays directly to Facebook for ads run inside the ad account, however, the user is not charged anything for using RetargetApp.

3.5 The trial period begins when the user spends at least $0.01 on the ads and ends in 14 days. 

3.6 RetargetApp reserves the right to change the payment terms. In the event of the change, a written notice will be sent to the user via e-mail at least 14 days before the change of the payment terms.

3.7 RetargetApp is not responsible for any changes on the payment system carried out by Facebook or Shopify.

4. Account terms

4.1 By installing RetargetApp, the user agrees to:

  1. provide access to all the assets required by RetargetApp
  2. create missing assets in the case of necessity
  3. learn about basic requirements for running the app
  4. learn about Facebook Advertising Policies and follow them
  5. be ready to make changes to the website and Facebook page to make them meet basic requirements for running the app
  6. report issues to RetargetApp team via chat or e-mail and allow up to 72 hours for them to be addressed
  7. provide all the necessary information to RetargetApp support
  8. refrain from making any publications on the Internet mentioning RetargetApp without prior written agreement from RetargetApp team. This refers to, but isn’t limited by blog posts, posts in groups and communities, tweets and images.

4.2 Inability or lack of desire to perform any of the above-listed actions may lead to the termination of service provided by RetargetApp, with or without a prior written notice.

4.3 RetargetApp reserves the right to make decisions on the age of the retargeting ad audience at its sole discretion if the user’s store contains restricted products such as:

  • Alcohol, alcohol-related paraphernalia and any products that depict or promote drinking alcohol. 
  • Supplements and medicine. 
  • Gambling (both real and online) and lotteries. 

4.4 RetargetApp reserves the right to exclude all the products which do not comply with Facebook Advertising Policies from the RetargetApp-powered campaign catalog without notifying the user.

5. Termination of service

5.1 The user may choose not to use RetargetApp at any moment. To stop using RetargetApp, the user needs to pause the campaign from the dashboard inside RetargetApp and remove RetargetApp from the Shopify store.

5.2 RetargetApp reserves the right not to provide the service to the user at its own discretion. RetargetApp also reserves the right to terminate the service if the user fails to comply with Account Terms listed above. In this case the user will be still charged for using RetargetApp even if the billing period has not reached its end yet.

5.3 RetargetApp reserves the right to refuse the service or to terminate it if the user advertises products and services that do not comply with Facebook Advertising Policy. 

6. Disclaimer

6.1 While RetargetApp is designed to give a maximum boost to user’s sales, it cannot provide equally good results for each user. Therefore, while we do our best to make RetargetApp as easy to use and efficient as it can be, the user agrees to use the service “as is” and “as available”. RetargetApp cannot warrant that use of its services will meet user’s requirements, will be uninterrupted and free from errors. Defects in the operation and/or functionality of RetargetApp may or may not be corrected at the sole discretion of RetargetApp team. 

6.2 RetargetApp is not affiliated in any way with Facebook or Shopify. RetargetApp is not responsible for any problems experienced while using the two above-mentioned services. Nonetheless, RetargetApp respects the rules and regulations carefully created by Facebook and Shopify teams and reserves the right to refuse service to any user who breaks one of the rules of using either of the two services.

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