Before you proceed, make sure that you know what the ad message is and how to change it. You can also learn, how to write the best ad message.

When you are coming up with an ad message, there are some things you have to avoid at all costs. Examples listed here are so bad that we won’t let you copy them 

Just make sure that none of the things listed below can be found in your ad message — otherwise, you are putting yourself at risk of the ad getting disapproved despite all your effort.

1. Don't write messages that are longer than 500 symbols - they will be partly hidden

2. Don't overdo with capital letters and other forms of "gimmicky" text

Note: Writing all this in lower case and with fewer exclamation marks will work totally fine. It’s all about the style

3. Don't include questions that are too personal or rude

4. Don't forget to update your ad message at least once a month — otherwise, your ad will be irrelevant and odd

5. Don't violate copyright and/or trademarks — it's both unethical and illegal

6. Never mention any products (e.g. weapons and ammunition) or services (e.g.lotteries, dating etc.) specifically prohibited by Facebook Ads Guidelines

Note: You can see the latest version of Facebook Ads Guidelines here.

7. Never use words like FB, FACEBOOK, POKE etc. as a part of your promo code

8. Don't use bad grammar and spelling. This also refers to foul language, insults, and provocative statements. The general guideline is very simple — be nice

9. Avoid making unrealistic promises, claims of fast recovery, weight loss, quick profit, perfect body etc.

10. Under no circumstances promote the sale or use of alcohol, tobacco, illegal, recreational and prescription drugs,  as well as any other prohibited and restricted substances

11. Never emphasize gender, ethnic, cultural or professional differences of the user

Don’t just stop on one option. Come up with a few ad messages, change them from time to time to see, which one is more effective. If you need ad message suggestions, you can always ask us for them. Just click on the blue circle in the bottom right corner of the page and message us — we are always happy to help

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