If you are unhappy with the service we are providing, you can pause your campaign and at any time and request a refund of the unspent app balance

To apply for a refund, please, click on the blue circle in the bottom right corner of this page and message us. We will really appreciate it if you state the reason why you want a refund or provide recommendations for app improvement.

Here are the main principles of our refund policy:

  • RetargetApp is not responsible for any additional fees connected with the exchange of your local currency to USD.
  • RetargetApp fee (10% of the payment you make) is non-refundable.
  • Once a refund is processed, it may take up to 7 days for the money to get to your account. We only refund the money to the bank account it originally came from.

You cannot get a refund if:

  • you request it before the campaign you’ve submitted is approved, active and starts delivering ads. In this case, there’s simply nothing to refund as we haven’t charged you yet.
  • you did not request it directly from our Support. Deleting the app doesn’t count as a refund request — it just pauses your campaign. 
  • the money has already been spent on Facebook ads. We can only refund the unspent, i.e. available balance you have inside the app. 

If you believe that you need to discuss the refund with us, contact us at help@retargetapp.com

Note: You automatically become liable to the present Refund Policy when you click “Pay and Run Campaign”. This is also when you agree with all the rates and fees of the app.

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