A brand new one. For the ads to work properly, we need to use a Facebook pixel - a special piece of code that helps track all the users’ actions on your website. 

RetargetApp creates a brand new pixel inside your Business Manager in order to run a campaign for you because we need to make sure that the pixel is properly installed and configured without any extra events.

Besides, according to Facebook best practices, it’s strongly recommended to use one pixel with one Ad Account only to ensure the best results of your campaign.

Do I need to install the pixel anywhere?

Absolutely not 😊 RetargetApp automatically places the pixel it creates for you to all the pages where it should be, so there's no need to install anything manually or paste the pixel ID to your store admin - RetargetApp has already taken care of everything 😉

Can’t I still use my pixel instead?

No. RetargetApp tracks specific user actions on your website and therefore cannot use data from any other pixels. 

Do I need to install the new pixel myself?

No. RetargetApp installs the pixel automatically, you don’t need to do anything on your side.

Will the pixel conflict with the other pixel(s) I already have installed?

The way RetargetApp installs its pixel prevents it from conflicting with other existing pixels on your website. However, we strongly recommend:

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