To help each of RetargetApp users achieve the maximum possible volume of sales via online ads, we have introduced Custom Campaigns in addition to a set of automated tactics we offer.

What are Custom Campaigns?

Custom Campaigns are the ads that are created, monitored and optimized by our team of in-house Facebook ad experts.

To run them, we manually analyze your store, Ad Account and test a set of ad audiences to find a perfect combination of the settings. Our experts will use all available Facebook advertising tools and constantly track the results and make changes to a campaign if necessary.

All the campaign settings like objective, budgets, and attribution models will be customized to match the needs of your business. As a result, your ads will be as relevant as they can be and bring you more sales - all with minimum to no effort from your side.

How can I run Custom Campaigns with RetargetApp?

You can run Custom Campaigns with us if you:

  • have RetargetApp installed on your online store

  • get at least 100 daily store visitors

  • have at least 3 products in your catalog

If you want to get started with Custom Campaigns, just message us via:

How much do Custom Campaigns cost?

A minimum budget for Custom Campaigns is $30/day.

You don't need to pay a separate RetargetApp fee to run Custom Campaigns - their ad spend is included in the total ad spend via the app.

You can learn more about the way RetargetApp billing works in this article.

Where can I see Custom Campaign results?

You can view Custom Campaigns results on RetargetApp dashboard - they will be presented in a separate tab under Facebook campaigns.

Just like with all other RetargetApp-powered ads, you can view detailed stats for Custom Campaigns right inside the Facebook Ad Account which RetargetApp created for you.

Upon your request, your personal Ad Manager can prepare a report on custom dates and send it to you.

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