We at RetargetApp value your time and try our best to boost your sales. That is why, based on our previous experience, we created a short checklist for you to go through before you run a campaign with us. It won’t take you more than 5 minutes to complete. So, let’s go!


  • I have selected a paid plan for my Shopify and/or BigCommerce store.

  • My Shopify, WooCommerce, or BigCommerce store is available for all visitors and doesn't require a password to view the products.

  • My store has at least 3 different products available for sale.

  • My store has at least 100 visitors daily. I understand that website audience is important for the success of my ads. I am prepared to increase my daily visitor count if necessary.

  • I have verified my store domain on Facebook

  • My website doesn’t have a video or an animation with the sound that is enabled when a user opens my website. If such video was present on my website earlier, I understand that I must disable it before running a retargeting campaign

  • Each of my products opens in a new, separate product page. I understand that, if a product opens in a pop-up window (for example, as a "Quick View option"), this will prevent RetargetApp from properly tracking product views.

  • I am not using any software that customizes the checkout page for my store. If I do, I fully understand that the purchases made via RetargetApp will not be tracked, so I won't be able to properly assess the efficiency of RetargetApp-powered campaigns.


  • I understand that Facebook has Advertising Policy that defines what’s allowed and prohibited in the ads. I have read it carefully and understand that, if my website landing page, products I sell or my Facebook business page fail to comply with the policy, my ad can be declined and my ad account within RetargetApp may be disabled. 

  • More specifically, I made sure that no prohibited (drugs, nudity, weapons, personal health-related etc.) or restricted (alcohol, supplements, branded content etc.) content is placed on my website’s main page. I know what I can’t advertise through RetargetApp.

  • I understand that it's not okay to advertise certain things and services on Instagram and Facebook even if I have previously seen ads with similar or same products/services. I am aware of Facebook Community Standards and respect them.

Facebook Pixel and Page

Product images

  • I understand that Facebook uses the main product image from my website for each of the products advertised via RetargetApp. 

  • I made sure that my images are ad-ready, i.e. that they are relevant to my products, contain less than 20% of text in them, don’t have an unnecessary focus on body parts or “before and after” comparison. I understand that poorly chosen product images can cause problems in delivery or be a reason for a store getting rejected.


  • I know that when I click “Start free trial now”, I will not have to pay the RetargetApp fee for 14 days. The trial starts when my campaign with RetargetApp is approved and spends the first $0.01 on Facebook ads. I know what the cost of RetargetApp is.

  • I understand that I will need to pay for retargeting ads on Facebook, even during my trial period with RetargetApp. Facebook will directly charge the Ad Account used for my retargeting campaign.

Ad message

Ad settings

  • I know that all the key campaign settings, such as ad message and daily budget,  will be displayed on RetargetApp dashboard and can be edited from inside the app at any time.

  • I understand that I cannot view some Ad Set or Ad settings inside the Ad Account created by RetargetApp. If I need detailed insights on the current campaign settings, I will contact RetargetApp support.

  • I understand that I should not create or edit Campaigns, Ads Sets and Ads  inside the Ad Account created by RetargetApp. 

What's next?

If you agreed with all the points above, you can go ahead and install RetargetApp 😀

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