When you start a brand new website, retargeting may not be on the list of your priorities - mainly because you are focused on selecting the right products, choosing the right design, and of course, attracting visitors to your store. However, you also want to make sure that you turn as many visitors as you can into loyal shoppers.

Although there is a minimum audience requirement of at least 100 daily visitors for you to run a campaign with RetargetApp, we do encourage you to install the app and launch a retargeting campaign as early as possible - of course, you will need to wait for a while for the first result to appear, however, the earlier you run a campaign, the more sure you will be that the time you spent attracting all those website visitors was worthwhile.

Note that you will only start to be charged by the app 14 days after your ads actually start being shown to your website visitors. 

Also, don’t forget to work on increasing the volume of your website audience. You can learn about SEO optimization for your store or get a handful of useful tips from this guide

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