When you start a brand new website, retargeting may not be on the list of your priorities - mainly because you are focused on selecting the right products, choosing the right design, and of course, attracting visitors to your store. A retargeting campaign will not work without sufficient traffic.

This is why RetargetApp will only let you create a campaign if you:

  • have completed free trial on Shopify or BigCommerce and selected a paid plan;
  • have at least one product eligible for advertising and available on a separate product page;
  • have at least 100 online store sessions in your store every day. It is also important that people who come to your website view at least 1 product.

If you get fewer than 100 visitors/day, you can still create a campaign - just click “Continue anyway” after you log in with Facebook. In this case, however, you need to understand that:

  • your free trial with RetargetApp may not begin right after ad approval, as it only starts when you spend your first $0.01. With lower product view count, it may take Facebook longer to track the minimum sufficient audience;
  • once your free trial with the app is completed and you spend at least $1 within a 30-day billing period, you will still need to pay a $19 as a minimum RetargetApp fee.

To get better results, you need to constantly work on increasing the volume of your website audience. You can learn about SEO optimization for your store or get a handful of useful tips from this guide

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