Ad Spend

Ad Spend is the amount of money spent on the RetargetApp-powered ads. 

  • You pay for Ad Spend directly to Facebook.

  • You pay to Facebook once you spend a certain amount of money (threshold) or in the end of the month

  • You pay for Ad Spend even if you are on a 14-day free trial for RetargetApp.

RetargetApp fee

RetargetApp fee is what you pay us for running and optimizing ads for your store. 

  • You pay RetargetApp fee once your RetargetApp-powered ad spends at least 1.00 USD (or an equivalent in your currency) during the current billing period. 

  • The billing period for RetargetApp is 30 days. Up-to-date information on billing periods can be found In RetargetApp Account Settings.

  • You start paying the fee once the 14-day free trial for RetargetApp is over.

  • The size of the fee depends on Ad Spend during the current billing period:

  • Ad Spend is calculated in USD or in equivalent in your local currency. 

  • RetargetApp fee is calculated and charged in USD only.

  • You are charged as you reach a certain Ad Spend milestone

For example, your total Ad Spend during the current billing period is $800 and the total fee needs to be $49. You will first be charged $19 when your RetargetApp-powered ads spend at least $1.00 and then $30 more ($49 total charge - $19 you’ve already paid) once your campaign spends at least $200.00.

  • If you run more than one RetargetApp-powered campaign for one store (i.e. Retargeting and Prospecting), the fee is based on total Ad Spend per one store.

  • If you use RetargetApp on more than one store you manage, RetargetApp fee is calculated for each store separately.

14-day free trial

You can try RetargetApp for free for 14 days once you install it.

  • Free trial suggests using RetargetApp free of charge, i.e. not having to pay RetargetApp fee. You will still need to pay for Ad Spend.

  • The trial begins the moment your retargeting campaign spends at least 0.01 USD on Facebook.

  • The trial ends 14 days after the moment your campaign spent its first 0.01 USD. 

  • You have one trial period per one Shopify/BigCommerce domain. 

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